Nailed It

“I had my son Cyrus look in the Greenhouse last night (with instructions not to touch anything!!) and when he came back out he was crying big tears, and before giving me a hug he said “That’s my dream house mom, can we please move back in?”
Seriously high praise from an 8 year old boy! We moved to that house when Cyrus was just 2 years old so it’s really the only house he remembers living in. When we told him we were going to sell it he wasn’t sad to leave the Greenhouse, but excited that we were moving to SouthLoft where we live now. It was amazing to see the way your work brought out so much emotion in a kid who was otherwise not that connected to the house.  I think Cyrus’s reaction really sums up why staging a home is so important. It really is about the feeling you get when you walk in, about the emotion it brings out.
You made our home feel clean and cozy with just the right amount of that lived in feel. Prospective buyers will have no problem connecting to the house, and imagine themselves living there. Great work Jessica + Anna you made a kid cry because your work brought out so much emotion in him.
Nailed It!”


Cyrus and Maria